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Ongoing Projects
ID NoProject NameFinancerImplementation periodTarget DistrictsObjectivesMain Interventions
1Rural Infrastructure Development Programme—Component II (RIDP II)European Union2012-2015Various districts (i.e. Rumphi, Mzimba, Nkhatabay, Nkhotakota, Salima, Dedza, Balaka)To contribute to GoM objective of poverty reduction, in line with the MGDS and the purpose is to enhance capacity of the MoAIWD•Conduct Feasibility Studies and produce Irrigation Scheme Designs (7,975 ha ) •Formulation of National Irrigation Fund Guidelins •Enhancement of Technical Capacity of Department of Irrigation •Development of Administrative and Management Capacity of DoI
2Climate Adaptation for Rural Livelihood and Agriculture (CARLA)GEF through AfDB and Govt2012-2015Chikwawa, Dedza & Karonga To improve resilience to current climate variability and future climate change by developing and implementing adaptation strategies and measures that will improve agricultural production and rural livelihoods•To develop 180 ha of land for irrigation •Afforestation •Fish farming •Soil and water conservation •Livestock production •Conservation Agriculture •Climate smart Agriculture •Environmental management
3Shire River Basin Management Program (Phase 1) Project (SRBMP-P1)World Bank, Global Environmental Facility + Least Developed Country Fund and Government2012-2018Ntcheu, Neno, Zomba and Blantyre (for Catchment management activities) To develop a strategic planning and development framework for the Shire River Basin and support targeted investments to improve land and water resources management, and associated environmental services and livelihoods in the basin•Shire River Basin Planning Framework •Institutional capacity for coordinated basin management (Shire River Basin Institution) •Development of Water Resources Information Systems •Program Management, M&E •Sub-catchment planning and monitoring institutional capacity •Sub-catchment rehabilitation •Supporting Alternative rural livelihoods (including irrigation development of 1,000 ha) •Management of Shire basin Forest •Kamuzu Barrage Upgrading •Flood Management •Preparatory studies for priority new water investments
4Irrigation Rural Livelihood & Agriculture Development Programme (IRLADP)World Bank, IFAD & Govt2006-2014All districts•To raise agricultural productivity and net incomes of poor rural households in a sustainable manner by providing an integrated package of support covering irrigation, agricultural/irrigation advisory services •To strengthen recipient institutional capacity for long term irrigation development•Irrigation rehabilitation and development-ongoing activities only (Rehabilitation of 718 ha of Ex-Smallholder Flood Plains Development Project sites, Construction of 250 ha of Small Scale Irrigation Schemes •Farmers services and Livelihoods Fun •Institutional Development and community mobilisation •Project coordination and M & E
5Smallholder Irrigation & Value Addition Project (SIVAP)AfDB2013-2018Thyolo, Chikwawa, Nsanje, Machinga, Karonga, Nkhotakota & SalimaThe specific objective is to Increase agricultural production and productivity through intensification of irrigation, crop diversification, value addition and capacity building. •Sustainable land and water management (development of 2,030 ha of new area and 1,295 ha of existing schemes to be rehabilitated) •Crop diversification and value chain development •Institutional strengthening and capacity building
6Small Farms Irrigation Project: II Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA) & Govt2013-2015Nkhatabay & MangochiThe main objective is to increase and improve family food security and incomes by enhancing the productivity of resource poor smallholder farmers, with land holding size of about one hectare •Establishment of a surface irrigation system (800 ha) •Procurement and establishment of an agricultural mechanization fleet •Farmers support services •Marketing
7Malawi Irrigation & Development Support ProgrammeGovernment2013-2014Selected districts(i.e. Mchinji, Kasungu, Rumphi, Salima, Chitipa, Machinga & Zomba)The specific objectives of the project are: •To enhance the human technical capacity for irrigation development •To enhance beneficiary institutional capacity for irrigation management •To increase irrigated area in the country Development of 900 ha for irrigation
8Agriculture Infrastructure Support ProjectAfDB & Government 2010-2015Neno, Nsanje, Chikwawa, Thyolo, Mulanje & Phalombe•Increase the extent and efficiency of agricultural water management •Increase yield and output of major crops under irrigated agriculture •Enhance participation of smallholder farmers in agricultural marketingDevelopment of 1,360 ha for irrigation
9Green Belt InitiativeGovernmentOn-going from 2012Salima, Karonga and MangochiSpecific objectives include: •To increase area under Irrigation and promote use of water efficient technologies. •To promote use of improved production technologies for crops, livestock and fisheries. •To increase market linkages and access. •To increase community and private sector participation in the agricultural value chain in target areas. •To increased volumes of value added productsDevelopment of 7,500 ha of land for irrigation along lake shore areas and major rivers
10 Shire Valley Irrigation ProjectWorld bank and AfDB (preparatory studies) From 2018 after completion of preparatory studies Nsanje and ChikwawaTo sustainably enhance incomes and hence food security of about 100,000 households in Chikhwawa and Nsanje Districts through increased agricultural productivity and profitability by establishing market-linked smallholder farming ventures and professionally operated irrigation services in 42,500 ha of lands•Development of 42,500 ha of land for irrigation •Conducting preparatory studies namely: 1.Technical feasibility 2.Communications, Community Participation, Land Tenure and Resettlement Policy Framework 3.Agriculture Development Planning Strategy 4.Public-Private Partnership 5.Hydraulic Modelling 6.Environmental and Social Impact Assessment 7.Dam safety panel
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